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Im Sunset Shimer, Princess of the Fall formal three years in a row ex-student of princess Celestia.

Working on my outfit for the big show in August!! I bought the wrong fabrics for the bottom of my top though (my talent is magic, not sewing, ok!) but Rarity helped me order some new fabric that should work nicely for my band’s design. I am getting a bit nervous, though, because I heard Twilight Sparkle is coming back… She said she forgave me… but I am not too sure if attempting to steal someone’s element and then blowing up a school can be forgiven that easily. Pinkie Pie will be there to diffuse some tension, though. She and I have actually become pretty good friends!

(ooc: Come find me at Bronycon! I shall be wearing Rainbow Rocks Sunset Shimmer Saturday along with a RR Pinkie Pie and a RR Twilight!) 

dylanthabandicoot said: You gangsta?


dylanthabandicoot said: Do you listen to Tyler The Creator?

 I don’t know who that is…Is he someone from the human world? 

Sorry this blog has been kinda dead lately! With con season upon us I have been busy as heck.

Anyways, I am attending Bronycon in August and am working on a Rainbow Rocks Sunset Shimmer cosplay! In addition to that, I will also be cosplaying Lyra, Milky Way, Princess Cadance, and Playboy Bunny Rainbow Dash. I will be running two panels on cosplay (Pony Cosplay 101 and Designing Pony Cosplays) as well as being one of the judges for the cosplay contest. I will be around all weekend, so come and say hi!

Hopefully after Bronycon when con season comes to an end I can start making gifs again. 


Battle Armor Celestia

Cosplay 100% hand made by Me

Photography by Chiseled Light Photography

ask-the-actual-twilicane-pony said: I got an idea! Sence Twilight Sparkle so foolishy gave up the elements for the tree of harmony, this is your chance for the power over Equestria! Don't tell my Aunt Celestia this...


Shhhhhh Im supposed to be *reformed* remember? 

tdgraduate said: Didn't you ever wonder if your parents noticed you were gone?

To be honest, I was never really close with my parents. My mother died when I was a filly and my dad is in the Royal Guard. He became rather withdrawn after my mother’s death, so I’d be surprised if he even noticed if I was missing. I guess I don’t really like to think about it much

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modmikail said: If you had to lay some smack down, what would be your weapon of choice?

Just a good old fashion sword for me

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I have some answers queued up so It wont be so long between posts

Anonymous said: Correct me if I'm wrong but the ying-yang symbol on your cutie mark seems to imply you have a knack for dark magic as well as light, yes?

Now you are a smart one!

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